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Worm Castings

The food-waste passes through the worms' digestive system producing rich organic plant food/slow releasing fertilizer. Chemical fertilizers steal the nutrients from the soil and pass it to the roots of the plants, which leaves soil barren. Worm castings leave nutrients in the soil so it is ready for the next season. 

Worms secrete a slime that covers their bodies and this slime is passed on to the worm castings. When seeds are planted in a soil mix made with worm castings this slime covers the seeds and gives the seeds a protective barrier again mold and rot. When your seeds sprout the sprout is protected from root rot and mold. Your plants are protected from aphids and other bugs that could destroy your crop, naturally.

Worm Castings contain 5 times the available nitrogen, 7 times the available potash and 1½ times more calcium than that found in 12" of topsoil. The nutrients are water-soluble and immediately available to the plant. You will find that most potting soils have a nutrient life for 2 to 5 days. Worm castings will last up to 6 times as long. You will need 5 times as much potting soil to do the same job as worm castings. So in the long run, worm castings are cheaper and do a much better job. Also, worm castings hold 2 to 3 times their weight in water and will not burn your plants; unlike using fresh raw manure (cow, horse, etc.), which can burn the root systems if not applied properly.


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