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Organic Wheatgrass Tea


Wheatgrass tea is an easy way to get the nutrients of wheatgrass without all of the work of juicing. Our Tea has about 60% of the nutritional content of our wheatgrass. It is milder on the tastebuds and on the digestive system. Get a natural energy boost without the caffeine. Aides in digestion and is great for hang-overs. This product is not a powder, it is a loose leaf tea.


Our wheatgrass tea is packaged as a loose leaf tea, an iced tea blend, and a hot tea bag. Each have health benefits of wheatgrass!

Our loose leaf wheatgrass tea let’s you enjoy notes of edamame with a wonderful marine finish. It pairs perfect with any tea and will accentuate the flavor of your favorite tea while providing oodles of health benefits.

Our wheatgrass iced tea blends come in a draw string sachet. This provides our customers with two uses. Each sachet will make a half gallon of iced tea, or you can open a sachet and use it for hot tea. Our blended tea are Raspberry Rush, Earthen Gold, Kukicha Green, and Classic Black. 

Our wheatgrass tea bags are sealed as to prevent leakage in your cup. Enjoy wheatgrass tea or blended teas. We chose organic, herbal teas from Saratoga Tea and Honey Co. to blend with our hand cut, wheatgrass tea.

Naturally Caffeine and Gluten Free, dairy free, vegan, chemical and pesticide free

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