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The most nutritionally complete food you can put in your body.

Your wheatgrass will come in a plastic bag. With a wax-lined box, for optimal storage, that will stay fresh for a month in your 40º fridge.

Wheatgrass can be frozen, juiced, dehydrated, and used in cooking.

If you freeze your wheatgrass whole, it will break down the components and make it easier to digest. Frozen wheatgrass can be put in your omelets, or anything else you choose to add it to.

Wheatgrass is best known for the juice.  Simply put your wheatgrass blades in a blender with your favorite juice or water. Blend and then strain out the juice. Even though wheatgrass Juice is best when we drink it immediately after juicing, if kept in the fridge, it will last 7-10 days. You can also freeze your juice by filling up ice cube trays. Simply pull 1 cube (1 ounce) out Per day and let thaw. Stir or shake the wheatgrass juice if desired. The wheatgrass separates when frozen. You can also purchase a specific wheatgrass juice. 

We make our own wheatgrass tea and blend it with organic/herbal teas from Saratoga Tea and Honey Company.

There are many recipes on YouTube and the internet in regards to making smoothies, cookies, pies, to name a few. I have heard of using it in soups and other items as well.

Wheatgrass seeds contain gluten, we pride ourselves in cutting above the seed line and cutting our wheatgrass before it goes to seed. 


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Naturally caffeine, gluten, dairy, chemical, pesticide free, vegan