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Bokashi Bran Flakes


Our Bokashi Bran flakes are made with organic bran. How divine that we can be responsible with recycling our food waste without the rotting smell. This is a dry product that is added to your food waste to "pickle" it. Bokashi can be used to compost meat, dairy, and even citrus. Bokashi is an anaerobic way of composting food waste, that said, Bokashi composting is contained for the first 14 days. You can use 2 five gallon buckets, drill about 8-10 holes with a small drill bit in the bottom of one the buckets. Put the drilled bucket into the non drilled bucket. Place a damp paper towel over the drilled holes and sprinkle a tablespoon full of Bokashi flakes ( the more Bokashi you use the faster it pickles the food waste). Some people blend the Bokashi bran flakes in to the food waste. 

Bokashi composting pickles the food waste before it has a chance to rot. Rotten food stinks. So therefore there is no rotting smell when composting at home, schools, businesses, nursing homes, apartment buildings, etc.  After two weeks of pickling, dump it, and cover with a light layer of soil. In two to three weeks you will have a rich compost remaining. 


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Perfect for home recyclers, apartment dwellers, businesses, centers, nursing homes, schools, and much more.