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About Us

Earthen Gold Farms is family owned and operated in Saratoga County, NY. Chris Mansfield has an Associates degree of Culinary Arts and has over 30 years experience in his field. Toni Mansfield has over 20 years of Retail Management experience. Chris was researching an efficient way to compost food waste when he discovered vermiculture. Vermiculture is the product or process of composting using worms to create vermicast (worm castings). This gave us the basis for our soil mixes and casting tea. We secured steady food sources for the worms which allowed us to produce a consistent supply of worm castings. After much research we decided on a soil mix and started using it on our landscapes and house plants. We started growing wheatgrass for a customer, which led us into the wheatgrass tea. We were accumulating a lot of food waste, more than the worms could eat, so Chris researched and discovered Bokashi

Earthen Gold Farms currently holds classes educating the public about Bokashi composting. Bokashi composting "pickles" the food waste before it has a chance to rot. Rotten food stinks. So therefore there is no rotting smell when composting at home, schools, businesses, nursing homes, apartment buildings, etc. After two weeks of pickling, the food waste is dumped into the garden and covered with a light layer of soil. In two to three weeks all that remains is a rich compost. 

Join our team

We are always looking for volunteers. Looking for a farm to grow? Looking to get some experience under your belt? There are many facets to removing food-waste from the waste stream, join our team!