Earthen Gold Farms LLC

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Welcome to freedom from pesticides and chemicals

Here at Earthen Gold Farms we believe our products are the best in their categories. From our worm casting based soil mixes, to our wheatgrass tea. Your body will thank you for ingesting our wheatgrass juice/tea. Your garden will thank you by providing you with lush greens and large flowers. All pesticide free. 

We hope you get excited as you look through our products and choose to buy pesticide and chemical free products.




Partnering Businesses

We at Earthen Gold Farms are proud to partner with these local businesses! Look for our products at these locations.



Food Waste

We recycle food waste by using two systems; bokashi and worm farming.

Our goal is to reduce the food from entering the waste stream. 

We are available for training sessions for children and adults alike. 

We consult local businesses on food waste recycling.